THE 2015 Aces Tennis USTA TENNIS SEASON AT Bellevue Tennis Academy IS HERE!  But first, Congratulations to Aces Gipson for their 3rd place finish at the 3.0 Men's National Championships! Way to go guys, 19 wins and only 6 losses over the weekend! 

This is an open invitation to join our Aces Tennis USTA teams at Bellevue Tennis Academy in Bellevue (13203 NE 16th St, Bellevue WA 98005) on Sunday October 19th and 26th we will have open practices on to determine team placement. Here are the practice times: (We will be forming 40+ teams as well, these teams begin play in March, and practices will begin in January 2015)
1:15pm (Ladies 2.5 & 3.0)            
2:30pm (Men’s 2.5 & 3.0)

All other levels please email us with interest, our upper level teams have already formed, we are looking for a few more players at the men’s 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 level as well as ladies 3.5 and 4.0. Returning players, make sure to connect with us to find out about practice times!

Please RSVP at info@acestennis.net!

If you would like assistance determining your rating, let us know and we will help you choose the time best fits you. This will be an opportunity for you to get to know more about our USTA teams and find out what level team you would enjoy playing on. Men and women of all abilities are welcome to join us. The first three months are practices to get you ready for the season and place you in the best situation to succeed while playing more tennis. The cost for the October Drop In is $15 per session and this includes coaching and the court costs (cash or check). Please let us know if you cannot make these sessions, we may still be able to secure a spot for one of our teams. Please keep us informed as many of our teams start filling up before the end of October.


This year we would like to offer the opportunity for up to five levels of Women's indoor tennis play. The teams will likely consist of a 2.5 (beginning team), 2.5 (intermediate team), a 3.0 (intermediate team), a 3.0 (advanced team) and a 3.5 team. Our practices are going to be held on Sundays (between 12 noon and 5pm depending on the team you are on) at Bellevue Tennis Academy in Bellevue. We will have weekly team practices, matches start in January (with two weeks off for Christmas break).


This year we would like to offer the opportunity for up to 5 levels of Men's league play. The teams will likely consist of a 2.5 (beginning team), 3.0 (intermediate team), 3.0 (advanced team), 3.5 (advanced team) a 4.0 team and a 4.5 team. Our practices are going to be held on Sunday nights (between 5:00pm and 10pm depending on the team you are on) at Bellevue Tennis Academy in Bellevue.  We will have weekly team practices, matches start in January (with two weeks off for Christmas break).


The $10 per week practice fee and additional coaching fee pays for practice each week and as a member of our teams also gets you an automatic 10% discount plus other great offers in our tennis shop. Matches occur about 3 times a month on the weekends in January through May (everyone is guaranteed to play in at least 3 matches).

Practices in the summers (starting mid-June) are less formal, you may join our men’s and lady’s nights in Renton or Bellevue for a fee that covers the entire summer. If your team makes it to the Sectional/national playoffs, there will be official practices during the summer and the Sunday BTA practices would continue. Sectionals are in Portland in August and Nationals takes place in various locations in October. We have had multiple teams reach sectionals over the last few years and two teams have advanced to nationals.


As a member of our teams, Current USTA Membership is also required - rates vary for membership type and length. The USTA also charges a non-refundable processing fee of about $25 per player, per team.
You are also committing to purchase a team uniform, (chosen by your captain) at 25% off from Aces Tennis top/shirt required ($25-$45), skirt/shorts optional ($20-$40)
Every player in a match will need to pay their portion of the court fee which ranges from $10-$15 each.

Weekly practices cost $10 per player for court costs, and you will have a pro available for every practice. The additional cost is $60 per practice regardless of the number of players that attend starting in November. This generally comes out to only $5 per person if 12 players attend, which is the average size of your teams. Your team is responsible for paying the pro directly each week (cash or check). Pros that may be working with your teams include either Baraka Brown, Carl Bergquist or Mark Ishimitsu.

Let us know ASAP if you are interested and if you can attend starting Sunday, October 19th at AV Performance Tennis Center (13203 NE 16th St, Bellevue WA 98005). We plan on having at least 7 players on each 2.5 team and 13 players on 3.0 and above. Please talk to anyone else that you think could be interested and send them this info. If you haven't played USTA before, you are still certainly eligible for membership and for our teams. Individual team practices will begin in late November.

Please respond soon with any questions you may have and with your RSVPs to either 425.235.9495 or info@acestennis.net .

Steve Bergquist      Owner Aces Tennis
Mark Ishimitsu       Manager Aces Tennis


Aces has holiday tournaments coming for both Thanksgiving (Adult 18+ doubles) and New Year's (Junior Champs). These are great chances to get out and test yourself, not to mention meet more tennis players in your community.  A list of tournaments and dates can be found at:
Flights Expanding to weekdays!

We also want to let everyone know that we will be starting weekday women’s doubles flights at the end of October! The cost will be $15 per session (90 minutes), let us know if you would like to be included on our contact list for these flights.  These programs are held at AV Performance Tennis Center in Bellevue.  We also offer Sunday mornings flights, The drop in fee is only $15 per week, or the fee for the entire five week session is $60. The new session begins Sunday October 12, but we are always looking for new subs and regulars.  If you’re interested feel free to email us at info@acestennis.net or call at 425.235.9495
Private Lessons

Our pros offer private lessons that target any and all parts of your game that need that additional edge. Rates start as low as $50 per hour (one lesson), or at a discounted rate of 4 for $160.  Group lesson are also available. Contact us if you are interested. Call the shop at (425)235-9495 or email us at info@acestennis.net to schedule.
More Questions?

If you have any questions regarding any tennis information including indoor court availability, please do not hesitate to email us or call us at 425.235.9495 and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members who can assist you in whatever you need.  Let’s all hope we keep getting good weather so we can get out and play more tennis!


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